Flaming Pearl Mystery School


Our Offerings 


Gentle. Healing. Vitalizing. Balancing. 

Often described as meditation in motion, Qi Gong is easy to learn, relaxing, and available to all ages and levels of fitness. It incorporates breath work, gentle stretching, and slow flowing movement sequences to help calm the mind and activate and cultivate your body’s own natural healing energy, your Qi. The benefits of Qi Gong have been proven through the ages, and include improvement in mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. Qi Gong is an activity that requires no equipment, can be done anywhere, and provides a lifetime of rewards. 

Join us and become a true "Soul Freq"! 

A Soul Frequency Session is:

A crystal assisted, needle-free “acupuncture” treatment;

Facilitated by a transcendent Singing Bowl sound bath;

A magical, Nature-inspired container for your healing intentions;

Empowered by the supportive strength of our fabulous “Soul Freq” hoop community of Sacred Seekers, Seers, and Mystics;

A profound experience of Beauty and Bliss with a PURPOSE.

Build an energetic field that honors, celebrates, and heals. 

The work of engaging, both as individuals and as a medicine community, in reciprocal, sacred connection with Mother Earth/PachaMama, the Cosmos, and all of the Nature Beings is of great importance now. The sacred power spots are awakening all over the world and humanity is invited to step into a more intentional and functionally healthy relationship with the Nature Beings. During these Ceremonial Healing Events we create a powerful harmonic field of coherence in order to offer healing and loving energies both for our personal empowerment and to benefit our beloved home, PachaMama and the Cosmos, and all Nature Beings who live here! We surf the cosmic climate, aligning with astronomical and seasonal energies, and engage sacred geometries of time and space, sound and movement, reverence and joy, to create transcendental experiences that may leave you humble, grateful, giggling, and even awestruck.