Flaming Pearl Mystery School


Flaming Pearl Mystery School 

"Weaving Wisdom to Connect with the Cosmos" 

Our Mission and Pledge:

To ethically, respectfully, and accurately collect, receive, preserve, and practice the living wisdom streams which offer instruction in how to be a whole and harmonious member of the Living Earth;

To esteem and support our beloved Teachers, the courageous stewards of indigenous wisdom traditions and lineages;

To create and provide services and ceremonies which endeavor to heal, honor, and create coherence throughout the "more-than-human" realms;

To host guides and teachers of relevant holistic lifestyle strategies in educational and experiential events for the community;

To express and sustain our personal missions to learn, grow, and evolve while we provide for ourselves and our families. 

What is a Mystery School? 

A Mystery School is a community of individuals that applies itself to the conservation, study, and application of esoteric wisdom traditions and technologies with the goals of expanding consciousness and self awareness, generating and cultivating personal and group healing energy, engaging in initiatory practices, and building group coherence all engendered through direct experience, creative ceremony, supportive fellowship, respectful space holding, and heartfelt commitment to our ancestors, other-than-human relations, and each other as brothers and sisters in the family of humanity.